Tips & tricks...

Use emoticons!

Use emoticons to make your journal feel more alive! When naming your journal or in the memories you write, add these small colorful signs everywhere! Emotions have a special place in Kidolia!

Delete easily!

You want to delete one of the entries you wrote? You can do it easily by sliding horizontally the note to the left and pressing "Delete". You will soon be able to edit the content of a note. Stay tuned!

Add pictures !

What better way than pictures to illustrate your perfect moments? Kidolia allows you to take pictures on the fly to add them to your journal. You can also select photos that are already in your phone's gallery.

Focus on your memories!

In life you really have to see the big picture! To see a note in full screen, simply touch the text! You will have some additional information and will get access to more features! Try it out.

Create a new journal!

You want to keep track of your new born or your lovely nephew ? They are all entitled to their own journal! Go to the app's settings and select "Add a journal" to create a new one!