Create a unique journal for each one of your children

Today's emotions are tomorrow's memories

Kidolia is a private journal that allows parents to keep all their precious moments in one safe place


Because privacy is a precious value, because your children deserve protection and because some things are not meant to be shared, Kidolia is a completely private space for you to protect your personal memories.


Everything you write in your journal belongs to you (unlike Facebook or Twitter). Your content is kept strictly private and is never used for commercial purposes. Kidolia cares about you.


Designed to suit your active lifestyle, Kidolia fits in your pocket and allows you to capture the magic, instantly, wherever you are.

No strings attached

Kidolia is free of charge and won't be bothering you with ads or obligations. Just create a unique and personalized journal for each of your children !


For your peace of mind, your journal is backed up and safely stored on our secure servers. Even if you lose your smartphone, your memories are safe.


Designed by parents, for parents, Kidolia is very simple to understand and to use. Search and find past events in no time, your memories won't be burried with Kidolia !

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Choose Kidolia because...

  • kids grow up so fast
  • your child's story is unique
  • children are wonderfully unpredictable
  • even precious memories fade away
  • being a parent is an incredible experience
  • you have so many nice things to pass on
  • ...